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Restoring Connection Between People & Planet

Fields Without Fences follows a philosophy of deep ecology rooted in the functionality and balance of natural systems. On our 10 acre certified organic medicinal forest garden farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey we cultivate herbs, fruit, and wild edibles within an innovative, naturalized design framework. Beyond our site we provide permaculture consulting services on projects across the region.  Our cultivation style and ecological approach is aimed at restoring health and integrity to our shared landscape.

Diverse ecological services for a healthy earth.


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As inhabitants of this earth we all have an opportunity to improve the condition of our environment for ourselves and each other.  Ecological design utilizes the interconnectivity of living systems to create and encourage symbiotic relationships as part of a healthy functioning ecology.  The health and integrity of the environment can be positively impacted by thoughtful stewardship, or continually degraded by thoughtless toxic exchange.  Whatever the state of your current local environment - the water management, soil health, and plant & wildlife communities - can be enhanced through strategic ecological design and implementation.


Fields Without Fences provides ecological and permaculture consulting services that regenerate and revitalize the natural landscape.  Each project is approached from a truly local perspective that requires thoughtful examination of the environmental history, current conditions, and regional context, before applying site specific design and management systems.  Fields Without Fences offers a range of customized services that can be tailored to meet your project's needs.  For more information email


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The best way to heal a damaged ecosystem is to connect it to more of itself
— Aldo Leopold

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