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Forest Gardening in the Home Landscape

  • Duke Farms 1112 Dukes Parkway West NJ, 08844 United States (map)

How do we garden like the forest, where diverse plant and animal species interact in a state of natural symbiosis?

Grounded in permaculture principles, this integrated approach to gardening utilizes perennial polycultures, organized by physical architecture and ecological niche, to produce an abundance of food, flowers, plant medicine, and habitat. Join Lindsay Napolitano and Johann Rinkens of Fields Without Fences to explore the perennial polyculture world of forest gardens in the home landscape. So much more than a growing technique, forest gardens teach us about the potential of thoughtful reflection, understanding, and cooperation for creating powerful synergy in our lives and landscapes!



Lindsay & Johann are the co-founders of Fields Without Fences, a forest garden farm and permaculture design service based in Frenchtown, NJ. On their farm, located within the Delaware River watershed, they cultivate fruits, nuts, medicinal herbs, and wild edibles within naturalized plantings that mimic the wild ecology. Through site specific design, they integrate approaches found in environmental restoration, permaculture design, and regenerative agriculture to create low input, self-renewing, agroecological systems that naturally restore health and integrity to our shared landscape. Beyond their fields, they bring these practices to consulting and design work with farmers, landowners, and organizations.