New Year, New Website


We made a new website, thanks for taking a look at it!  Outside the air is crisp and blustery and carrying with it a freshness poised to renew. 

Following our first full time season at Fields Without Fences, we have so many reflections, ideas, and projects, buzzing around in our mind's eye for the upcoming season.  Last year was a particularly transformational time for us - too much chaos to count or name, but out of the tumult arose such meaningful insight that I can't help but be grateful for all that has happened. 

Which reminds me that there is probably one ongoing project for the new year worth spelling out, if only so we don't forget.  This year, we finally stop resisting, we finally say "yes, and thank you" to anything that shows up on our doorstep, be it sunshine or storm, lamb or lion.  It is impossible to calculate the totality of the year while complaining about and trying to erase one number.  Just say yes -  feels better already.  Oh yeah, and thank you.

Warm Wishes, Fields Without Fences