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Fields Without Fences follows a philosophy of deep ecology rooted in the functionality and balance of natural systems. On our 10 acre certified organic medicinal forest garden farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey we cultivate herbs, fruit, and wild edibles within an innovative, naturalized design framework. Beyond our site we provide permaculture consulting services on projects across the region.  Our cultivation style and ecological approach is aimed at restoring health and integrity to our shared landscape.





Relax and let stress melt away with this collection of heart warming and spirit soothing herbals. Our gentle and effective botanicals are crafted by hand with organic plants grown on our small farm. This set includes Adapt & Rise Elixir, Calm Mind Spirits Tincture, Peacekeeper Tea, Good Night Moon Tincture, Heart Healer Elixir, and Serene Spirits Tea!


Adapt & Rise Elixir - This tart and sweet combination of adaptogenic herbs combine to deeply nourish and support the body's own reserves for countering emotional, physical, and environmental stress. A tonifying combination of traditionally restorative herbs to support the rebuilding of the body's natural defenses. Elixirs are a gentle and sweetly flavored way to experience the power of herbs! Supports cough and lung conditions.* INGREDIENTS: ASHWAGANDHA+, HOLY BASIL+, SCHISANDRA+, CINNAMON+, CARDAMON+, CLOVE+, GRAPE ALCOHOL+, HONEY+, DISTILLED WATER. / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 2 oz.


Calm Mind Spirits Tincture - This concentrated extract formulation of lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile supports nervous system function by balancing stress and anxiety. Lemon balm gently uplifts, chamomile calms, and passionflower helps to ease anxious thoughts, and interrupt circuitous thinking.  This tincture can also be helpful in preparing to rest after a particularly charged day. Support for stress and anxiety.* INGREDIENTS: PASSION FLOWER+, LEMON BALM+, CHAMOMILE+, GRAPE ALCOHOL+, & SPRING WATER / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 1 oz.


Peacekeeper Tea - A fragrant and deliciously citrus blend of aromatic herbs and flowers to calm the mind and keep the peace. Citrusy lemon balm and lemon verbena, combine with sweet linden flower and spicy monarda to create a delicious balanced blend. Supports stress and promotes restful sleep* INGREDIENTS: LEMON BALM+, LEMON VERBENA+, PASSION FLOWER+, LINDEN FLOWER+, MONARDA+, CHAMOMILE+, & CALIFORNIA POPPY+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings


Good Night Moon Tincture -This concentrated extract formulation of hops, valerian, lemon balm, and passionflower, supports deep restful sleep without grogginess. A combination of sedative, muscle relaxant, nervine, and gently hypnotic herbs make this a powerful blend to aid in restful sleep.  Sleeplessness can be caused by anxiousness, a racing mind, and/or physical stress. This blend of diverse herbs addresses most underlying causes in one complimentary formula. Promotes restful sleep.* INGREDIENTS: HOPS+, VALERIAN ROOT+, PASSION FLOWER+, LEMON BALM+, GRAPE ALCOHOL+, & SPRING WATER / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 1 oz. CAUTION: Not for use during pregnancy. Causes drowsiness.


Heart Healer Elixir - This fragrant and sweet combination of fortifying herbs combine to deeply nourish and support the emotional and physical well being of the heart. A tonifying combination of relaxing and emotionally uplifting herbs to support the cardiovascular system. Elixirs are a gentle and sweetly flavored way to experience the power of herbs! Promotes emotional balance and supports cardiovascular health.* INGREDIENTS: HOLY BASIL+, LEMON BALM+, ROSE+, HAWTHORN+, GRAPE ALCOHOL+, HONEY+, DISTILLED WATER. + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 2 oz. / CAUTION: Consult a healthcare professional about use with serious heart conditions.


Serene Spirits Tea - A delicious and aromatic floral blend to delight the spirits and uplift the soul. Delicious, fragrant, and mood enhancing, there is so much to love about this gentle combination of holy basil, lemon balm, and blossoms of rose and lavender. Balances stress and anxiety.* INGREDIENTS: HOLY BASIL+, LEMON BALM+, APPLEMINT+, ROSE+, & LAVENDER+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings / CAUTION: Consult a healthcare professional before use during pregnancy.


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