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Fields Without Fences follows a philosophy of deep ecology rooted in the functionality and balance of natural systems. On our 10 acre certified organic medicinal forest garden farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey we cultivate herbs, fruit, and wild edibles within an innovative, naturalized design framework. Beyond our site we provide permaculture consulting services on projects across the region.  Our cultivation style and ecological approach is aimed at restoring health and integrity to our shared landscape.





Spend this winter warming up with your choice sampling of our aromatic, soothing, farm grown herbal teas! Our gentle and effective botanicals are crafted by hand with organic plants grown on our small farm. This set includes your choice of three herbal tea blends and includes a complimentary loose leaf tea infuser!


Your choice of three:



An earthy blend of nourishing and aromatic herbs and flowers to restore balance and reduce inflammation. Green nettle and loosestrife, combine with aromatic holy basil, rosemary, and sweet clover to create a truly gentle and balanced blend. Promotes lymphatic function and balances inflammation.*

INGREDIENTS: NETTLE+, HOLY BASIL+, RED CLOVER+, CALENDULA+, LOOSESTRIFE+,  ROSEMARY+, THYME+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings / CAUTION: Consult a healthcare professional before use during pregnancy.



A fragrant and deliciously citrus blend of aromatic herbs and flowers to calm the mind and keep the peace. Citrusy lemon balm and lemon verbena, combine with sweet linden flower and spicy monarda to create a delicious balanced blend. Supports stress and promotes restful sleep* INGREDIENTS: LEMON BALM+, LEMON VERBENA+, PASSION FLOWER+, LINDEN FLOWER+, MONARDA+, CHAMOMILE+, & CALIFORNIA POPPY+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings



A light anise flavored, carminative blend of aromatic herbs and flowers to soothe and support the digestive system. Sweet anise hyssop and spearmint, spiced with oregano and hyssop, create a gentle warming blend to enjoy as a delightful digestif. Warm up with a cup and serve love. Supports digestive function and balances discomfort* INGREDIENTS: ANISE HYSSOP+, OREGANO+, SPEARMINT+, HYSSOP+, CATNIP+, CHAMOMILE+, & ANISE SEED+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings



A fragrant blend of delicate citrus and aromatic conifer to help strengthen and support immune and respiratory function. Inhale the refreshing and earthy smells of the forest spiced with delightful citrus notes as they steam off a cup of this delicious and gentle herbal tea blend. Supports respiratory and immune function* INGREDIENTS: WHITE PINE+, LEMON VERBENA+, MONARDA+, ROSEMARY+, THYME+, ROSE HIPS+, & ELDERBERRY+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings



A fragrant blend of warming herbs traditionally used to support recovery from cold and flu. This take on a traditional tea formula for cold relief includes the aromatic, stimulating, and relaxing diaphoretic herbs yarrow, peppermint, & elderflower. Our blend uses these herbs as a foundation and includes catnip, sage, and ginger for added balance. Supports immune function* INGREDIENTS: PEPPERMINT+, GINGER+, YARROW+, ELDER FLOWER+, CATNIP+, & SAGE+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / CAUTION: Not for use during pregnancy.



A delicious and aromatic floral blend to delight the spirits and uplift the soul. Delicious, fragrant, and mood enhancing, there is so much to love about this gentle combination of holy basil, lemon balm, and blossoms of rose and lavender. Balances stress and anxiety.* INGREDIENTS: HOLY BASIL+, LEMON BALM+, APPLEMINT+, ROSE+, & LAVENDER+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings / CAUTION: Consult a healthcare professional before use during pregnancy.



An invigorating and relaxing blend of fresh and fragrant mints to uplift and soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Explore the subtle flavor spectrum of mint with this delightfully aromatic combination of applemint, spearmint, and peppermint. Supports stress, focus, and digestive function* INGREDIENTS: APPLEMINT+, SPEARMINT+, & PEPPERMINT+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings




A sweet and earthy blend of gentle herbs to nourish and support women's health. Earthy raspberry leaf and nettle, combine with aromatic peppermint, sweet clover, and tart berries to create a truly delicious and deeply nourishing blend. Supports reproductive function* INGREDIENTS: RASPBERRY+, NETTLE+, PEPPERMINT+, MARSHMALLOW LEAF+, RED CLOVER+, SUNFLOWER+, & STRAWBERRY+ / + CERTIFIED ORGANIC / 25 servings / CAUTION: Consult a healthcare professional before use during pregnancy.


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