THE PLANT MEDICINE PATH: From the Garden to the Apothecary

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THE PLANT MEDICINE PATH: From the Garden to the Apothecary


5 part class series

Weekly, 6:30-8:30 pm - February 21st - March 21st

Class Dates: Thurs. 2/21, Wed. 2/27, Thurs. 3/7, Thurs. 3/14, Thurs. 3/21

An introductory immersion course for budding herbalists

Have you been wanting to incorporate medicinal plants into your landscape, farm, or garden? Are you a budding herbalist looking to root deeper into your understanding of plant medicine? Not sure where to start? Join us for a five part series that will give you the guidance and know-how to begin your journey on the plant medicine path.

Plant medicine is both an art and science developed and refined over the course of human history, and interwoven into the myths, culinary traditions, and seasonal practices that comprise culture. Join herbalist and medicinal plant grower Lindsay Napolitano as we explore foundational concepts and practices in herbalism that inform how we grow, harvest, process, and utilize plants for health and therapeutic effect. This dynamic and interactive course will delve into the overlap of tradition and science as we chart the plant medicine path from the garden to the apothecary. We’ll cover growing, harvesting, foraging, and processing techniques, and participants will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience crafting plant medicine. You’ll leave this course with the knowledge base to grow, harvest, and craft natural plant based remedies to share with your friends and family, and so much more!

Some of what you’ll learn in this course…

Plant medicine traditions * Cultivation methods for medicinal herbs * Harvest techniques for crafting powerful herbals * Plant medicine making how-to * Basic plant chemistry * Understanding plant energetics for holistic healing * Creating a plant based home apothecary

Class 01: Foundations in Plant Medicine

  • Healing Plants throughout human history

  • Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American, and Western systems of plant based holistic healing

  • Herbalism in practice

  • Cultivating deeper relationship with the plant world

  • Crafting a functional Materia Medica

Class 02: Creating a Medicine Garden

  • Reading the elemental landscape

  • How environment influences the medicinal activity of plants

  • Permaculture approaches to organic gardening & farming

  • Container gardening

  • Wild gardens

  • Designing your medicine garden

  • Plant propagation

Class 03: Peak Harvest & Processing

  • Anatomy and lifecycle of a plant

  • Seasonal Harvesting Guidelines

  • Tools, techniques, and approaches for harvesting bark, shoots, leaves, flowers, seeds, and roots.

  • Foraging & Wildcrafting

  • Drying, Preserving, & Processing the herbal harvest

Class 04: Plant Alchemy & Herb Preparations

  • Kitchen Medicine & Herbal Culinary Traditions

  • Introduction to plant chemistry

  • Sourcing ingredients

  • Basic formulations for creating Herbal Infusions, Decoctions, Tinctures, & Oxymels

  • Herbal Body Care formulations for Poultices, Infused Oils, Balms, & Salves

  • Hands on medicine making!

Class 05: Remedies from the Home Apothecary

  • Herbal Approaches to health & wellness

  • Understanding Plant Energetics & Herbal Actions

  • Art of herbal formulation

  • Building A Home Apothecary

  • Practical Herbal Remedies

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