Become a Member of Fields Without Fences Herbal CSA!

Friends, if you have been thinking about joining our community as a CSA member, now is the time to sign up for savings on 100% organic, locally grown herbals. This is our fifth season offering this CSA program, and this year’s membership has a ton of value for members. Still looking for a reason to join? Here are our top 5…


1. There are so many common conditions that can be supported with plant based remedies! Stocking your home apothecary with quality herbals means you will always have organic, safe, whole-ingredient herbals to reach for and be nurtured by.

2. Becoming a CSA member means you receive savings all year long every time you restock on herbals, or purchase gift products from fields without fences! At the Early Bird rate, you receive a batch of products of your choosing at 25% below retail price AND for the entire year, you receive 15% off of ALL additional purchases.

3. 100% organic ingredients. Our farm has been certified organic since 2013 and we are committed keeping pesticides, herbicides, and all synthetic ingredients out of our products and our environment.

4. Reduce waste. As product makers and earth stewards we are always taking a critical lens to what we are putting out into the world. We have almost eliminated all plastic from our product packaging, and use recycled paper in our shipping boxes. This year’s farm membership is being offered in one bulk share box, which means less cardboard and shipping waste. Members outside of our local community who select shipping will also SAVE on reduced costs.

5. Supporting a true CSA (community supported agriculture) means that you are supporting small growers, and in turn supporting a network of small scale decentralized producers of food, fodder, and medicine, which creates longterm local resiliency outside of the precarious global industrial food system.

Still on the fence? Visit our CSA page and find more reasons like Elder Elixir, Peacekeeper Tea, Throat & Lung Elixir, Good Night Moon Tincture, and Hot Shot Tonic!