Happy New Year & the Power of Goal Articulation


Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be filled with blessings and adventure!

We’re not much for resolutions (after all, what’s resolute in a universe propelled by perpetual change?), but we’re big on goal articulation. Goal articulation involves a synthesis of the what and the why informing your vision for the future. As we teach in permaculture, it’s not a singular process. Good design of landscapes and our lives involves beginning with, and returning to often, goal articulation to help understand what motivations guide us in the light of day, or shift in the shadows of our unconscious.

The dark of winter is a good time for this type of ruminating. Just as the earth stirs below the surface, laying groundwork in the quietude to blossom forth its offerings, dormancy is a cocoon for contemplation. What dreams will we work toward this year, and why are we drawn to them?

Our dreams for this year involve honing our craft and bringing more focus to our practice - permaculture projects throughout the region that push and inspire us, in-depth educational programming, and the best quality farm products we can grow. Why? Because the earth needs more people planting trees. Because healing plants belong in and around every household. Because some things, like perennials, are worth waiting for. Because we enjoy the sunshine, each other, and crafting offerings that have real value for our community.