Perennial Polycultures / Complexity & Abundance

Growing in perennial polycultures mimics the complexity and abundance naturally displayed by wild ecosystems. Cultivation happens within a horizontal and vertical spacial context, maximizing the productive yield of any given area, but also within the context of perpetually unfolding succession.

By harnessing the power of change, we can maximize the harvest by literally growing different plants in the same space - in an evolving storied architecture, but also within the context of one season, as spring plants blossom and fade - opening up space for summer plants to blossom and fade.

Working with the inevitability of change is the difference between swimming against the tide, and setting a sail in collaboration with the wind.

Pictured here: Johann harvests 'Pink Champagne' currants growing under a ‘Meader' persimmon, next to blue flag iris, comfrey, lemon balm, and marshmallow growing beneath elderberry on our forest garden farm.