Flower Medicine (We're not that different from the bees after all)


We’re not that different from the bees after all. Helplessly romanced by the allure of a blossom unfurling into a flower...

Flowers reliably command our gaze, silently beckoning us with their sweet, soft scent traveling effortlessly through the ether. An invisible cord compels us toward them until we find ourselves transfixed, bent forward or on a knee, nose deep in delicate petals. To be unconsciously wielded by a flower is not entirely dissimilar to the feeling of falling in love, when all the rest of the world recedes into a backdrop of greenery, and we find ourselves singularly focused on what appears to be the most enchanting creature in all the land.

Like falling in love, they reconfigure our being; energetically working on the pathways of the heart and nervous system, and pharmacologically working by way of fragrant volatile oils and pheromones. They slow the regular spasmodic churning and fixations of the mind, and in between conscious thought, open up a portal into a world of spontaneous, effortless, audacious beauty.